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JRA4: Development of Network Services


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Bandwidth Allocation and Reservation (BAR)


Download the BAR prototype

The BAR Demo: (Quicktime) / (MP4) / (Powerpoint) / (PDF)

Deliverables and Milestones

      DJRA4.6: Report on Bandwidth Allocation and Reservation

      DJRA4.4: Implementation of bandwidth reservation pilot service

      MJRA4.7: Dynamic re-configuration of key ingress points in response to reservations

      MJRA4.5: End to End Specification for Bandwidth Allocation and Reservation

      MJRA4.4: Prototype bandwidth reservation within static network configuration

      MJRA4.2: Requirements and use cases for monitoring and diagnostics tools for users, middleware and operations (submitted jointly with SA2)

      DJRA4.1: Specification of interfaces for bandwidth reservation service


Technical Documents

      The Gridnets 2005: "Agreement Signalling and Network Service Provisioning for Grids" Paper and Slides (joint with JRA1)

      BAR Savannah

      BAR Security Architecture


23-24 May 2006: Final EU Review

                              JRA4-SA2 Slides


15-18 May 2006: TERENA 2006: NPM Paper; BAR Poster


15-16 May 2006: ARM-7: NPM Slides


07 Mar 2006: CESNET 2006: NPM Paper & Slides


18-19 Jan 2006: All-activity meeting (CERN)

                     JRA4-SA2 Slides


06-07 Dec 2005: 2nd EU Review

                     JRA4-SA2 Slides


23-28 Oct 2005: 4th EGEE Conference (Pisa)


                     Demos: BAR; NPM

                     NPM for Operations and Middleware

                     JRA4/SA2 Working Session

                     Networking Plenary Session


24-25 Oct 2005: JRA4 F2F meeting: BAR; NPM (Pisa)


12 Oct 2005: RIPE51: Slides


06 Oct 2005: Gridnets 2005: Paper; Slides


12-13 July 2005: JRA4 F2F meeting (Edinburgh)


22 June 2005: JRA1 All-hands meeting (Brno)


25 May 2005: EGEE/LCG Operation Workshop, Bologna


19-20 May 2005: All-activity meeting (CERN)


9-10 May 2005: JRA4 F2F meeting (DANTE)


18-22 Apr: 3rd EGEE Conference (Athens)

                     NPM for for EGEE Middleware


                     JRA4/SA2 Plenary Session


Previous News...


The JRA4 Quality Plan.


JRA4 Quarterly Reports: Q8 Q7 Q6 Q5 Q4 Q3 Q2 Q1

Network Performance Monitoring (NPM)

Download the e2emonit Network Monitoring Tools (updated for EGEE)

The NPM Demo: (Powerpoint) / (PDF)

Access the NPM Diagnostic Tool (access URL included in this User Guide).

Deliverables and Milestones

      DJRA4.7: Report on Network Performance Monitoring

      DJRA4.5: Service to supply network performance information to resource-brokering middleware

      MJRA4.6: Specification of high-level monitoring and diagnostic tools. Revision of metrics

      MJRA4.3: Prototype tool to access network performance metrics from a limited set of measurement points

      DJRA4.2: Definition of standardized network measurement query/response interfaces

      MJRA4.2: Requirements and use cases for monitoring and diagnostics tools for users, middleware and operations (submitted jointly with SA2)

      MJRA4.1: Performance Metrics


Technical Documents

      The CESNET 2006 "Bridging Network Monitoring and the Grid" Paper and Slides (joint with JRA1 and the GridMon project)

      NPM Savannah


IPv6 uptake


Deliverables and Milestones

      DJRA4.3: Report on implications of IPv6 usage for EGEE Grid

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